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New CAP, following principles and rules of Water Directive 2000/60, is an important outline of laws for the management of water resources inside E.U.

Through the project “CAP 2020 Managing land and water for more efficient and sustainable farming” ANBI is aimed to make an action of informations based on the organization of meetings and events. Twitter and Facebook will be also used to communicate to a large public the importance of agricultural sector and CAP for a more sustainable use of waters.

This action, absolutely innovative in Italy, is focused on links between operators (mainly farmers), public opinion and public Institutions to have more collaborations for the sustainable use of water. ANBI and associated Consortia for drainage and irrigation work together on territories with Public Boards, Municipalities, Water Basin Authorities also to conciliate the needs of the farmers with the respect of rules of Water Directive for a better management of natural resources and the protection of environment.